Used across annual reports, company websites and magazine articles, an authentic and professional corporate portrait plays an important role in stakeholder communications, public relations and trust building. As a leading corporate photographer, I’m very experienced at capturing natural and genuine portraits no matter who the subject.

Professional profile

In today’s media rich business environment, the need to build and manage a professional profile is a fundamental part of corporate communications and marketing. Whether it’s for a conference speaking engagement, an editorial profile in the media or a leadership team page on a website, having a selection of professional portraits cannot be understated.

A portrait session can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple of hours depending on the requirements and time available. Sometimes it’s squeezed into a break of a board meeting or at the end of a media interview. However for the best results, enough time should be scheduled to allow the subject to relax and enjoy the session. Photographing people requires flexibility and good communication skills in order to get the best from people who may not be accustomed to being in front of the camera.

Pain free

I have photographed people from all walks of life. My genuine enjoyment and interest in meeting people allows me to quickly connect with and gain the trust of my subjects. Few people look forward to having their photograph taken. (Including me!) I’m able to relate and put people at ease in front of the camera. The most common thing I hear once a session is complete is, “thank you for making that painless”.

I have built a reputation for being able to capture natural and genuine corporate and executive portraits. I allow my subject’s confidence, character and professionalism to shine through whilst maintaining the context of who they are and what they do. From banking professionals to top law firms, my clients depend on me to take great professional portraits.

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For a quote, please call Tim on +852 6091 3324 to discuss your photography requirements.
Alternatively, you can send an email or complete a quote request form.

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