Industrial photography is certainly not glamorous, but I love it. I find it really interesting to see how things are made. It can involve being in quite dirty and hazardous conditions, or it could involve being in very clean environments such as a sterile solar panel factory. The manufacturing environment can yield some of the most interesting and fascinating subjects. These shoots can be highly complex, and require specialized skill and experiece to have a successful shoot. I’ve been creating beautiful images for different types of industrial, manufacturing as well as construction locations for years.

Focus on safety

No matter how much interesting and fun industrial photography can be, it’s at these types of locations where safety generally, and especially while conducting photo shoots, is of the highest priority. I’ve been through countless site induction sessions throughout Hong Kong and China  and I’m fully equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment for most industrial sites. I also have the Hong Kong Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate (GreenCard) required to work on Construction sites.

My awareness of workplace safety requirements helps to ensure that the images I capture display occupational health and safety best practice and reflect the company’s high priority on the safety of their people. 

Getting results on-site

I provide Industrial Photography services for companies and their creative agencies covering promotional, industrial, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use.
The challenge of industrial photography produce images that are both informative and eye-catching for product brochures, display stands and web use, and are happy to produce work to fit a preexisting manual or training guide. 

In addition, many of my industrial clients like to take advantage of having a commercial photographer on site and so arrange for additional photography such as headshots and PR shots to be taken at the same time. This is an efficient use of time and an effective way of building a solid visual marketing asset.

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For a quote, please call Tim on +852 6091 3324 to discuss your photography requirements.
Alternatively, you can send an email or complete a quote request form.

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